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History of Siberia
Part One

the geology and
early history
Time Before Clocks
The Great Bear
and the Cosmic Hunt

the ancient sky
calendar and myths.
mammoth hunters
Chukchi Directions
Directions of Time
and feng shui origins
bronze and iron age
civilizations from Siberia
Shamans and Time
Medieval Siberian
British and Russians
discover Siberia
16th century Yakutia:
origin of the Sakha
17th century Yakutia
and the Russian Invasion
18th century Yakutia
the explorers: part one
18th century Yakutia
the explorers: part two
Russian America
18th and 19th centuries
Yakutia 1820 to 1890
extreme tourism
Japan attacks Russia
Siberia 1890-1912
and a British gold mine
starts a revolution
Tunguska event
As seen by
shamans and scientists
Siberia: 1917 to present
and exoplanets
Mercury - its history
- its transit
Venus - its history
- its transit
Venus Express
Mars - its history
latest updates
Jupiter - its history
latest updates
Saturn - its history
and Cassini updates
Uranus - its history
Neptune - its history
The Moon
The Moon and Calendars
Origins of modern calendar
Moon and Eclipses
and history links
and Winter Solstice
Spring Equinox
The Cosmic Mill
Iron Age astronomy:
the mathematicians.
The Ptolemy Effect
Medieval astronomy.
Hampton Court Clock
Latest updated booklet
on the Hampton Court Clock
full story so far.

Tudor Bastard
King Edward VI's
Defence of
Lady Jane Grey's Clocks
St.Pauls Cathedral
clocks and scandal

Astronomy in the
17th century

The impact of the
new observatories
France, China and
other places.
John Harrison
and the Problem of Longitude

18th century astronomy
drinking song
and fuzzy blobs
space travel
- its history
in the 19th to
21st centuries

red shift and big bang
problems with Big Bang
and dark matter.
Story of the
Westminster Clock
only clock
used as sewer
ventilation shaft
The First Batteries.

taking part
in astronomy

and other
scientific discoveries.

astronomy data
past publications.

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Siberia - its history.

References, and further reading linked to the cosmicelk webpage articles on the long history of Siberia - the origin of its mineral wealth and its turbulent history.

Much of the material was originally intended for a printed book called: Siberia: Land Beyond Time, ISBN-10= 187443148, ISBN 13= 9781871443141. So far has all been published in articles, in magazines such as Clocks, as papers for conferences and publications, and most of it can be found in the website. This enables continuous updating, interaction, comments and additional information. The material has also been used for talks, presentations and adult education classes. The website is continously updated. The material is copyright of The Cosmic Elk,, and Heather Hobden. Feedback is always welcome. Links to webpages always welcome.

Use of material welcome, however legal restrictions do apply, so please ask first - email:

On the cosmicelk website you will find links to articles, and to other websites, news, and other features.

Book list and references and acknowledgements used for the WEA course, the original publications, articles, and other publications.

List of Siberian pages:

  • Siberia hub page has links to other related pages in the Cosmic Elk and to Siberian websites.
  • The beginning of Siberian history.
  • The Bear and Seasons
  • Time Before Clocks. Has more on time in Siberia.
  • Siberian calendars and timekeeping included in this.
  • Chukotka and the directions of time.
  • More on the directions of time and space - includes significant directions in Yakutian cosmology and Evenk time-keeping.
  • The mammoth-hunters of the last ice-age and their legacy.
  • Siberia in the Neolithic, Bronze, and Iron Age.
  • Shamans and Time. Has more about the religion and the shamans.
  • Medieval Siberian Invaders Evenk and others.
  • Continues with the invasion
    from the west
  • 16th century Yakutia and the origin of the Sakha.
  • 17th century Yakutia and the Russian Invasion.
  • Yakutia in the 18th century Part One..
  • Yakutia in the 18th century Part Two.The Billings Expedition.
  • Russian America
  • Siberia 1820 to 1890 - extreme tourism
  • Siberia 1890 to 1912 - and trouble with gold
  • Tunguska event.
  • from first world war on to present.

  • More on Siberia and its history:

    Book List

    References used in previous publications, printed, electronic or online, by Heather Hobden, Some of these are now much more easily available than they were when first researched, and are now free downloads as pdf. There are many other books, these are just the ones that have found useful so far.

    Most of the modern travel books deal with the Trans-Siberian Railway. If you want to see more of "real" Siberia - go on a tour - such as up the River Lena from Yakutsk.

    Interested in Siberia since a girl. Later found out out more and travelled there. Was interested in early timekeeping in Siberia, much of which has been published in articles in "Clocks" and other publications, in the 1970s and 1980s and 1990s, and updated since.

    Since I could not travel to Siberia and around Siberia anywhere near as much and as often as I would have liked, I am extremely grateful to the many friends I have encountered over the years, who have helped me with information, and books. They have included Irina, Eddi, Tiina, Gertrude, Marguerite, Matriona and Maria, Sardana, Tanya, Albina, Kamila, and many others.

    feedback always welcome, you may contact us at

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