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St.Pauls Cathedral
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What's Going on

Save our local libraries
Legal action taken against Lincolnshire Council over their "proposed" actually planned, library cuts was successful. But the drastic cut in hours that the libraries are opened went ahead despite this. Presumably so they claim fewer using the libraries. The Readers Group just changed the time of their meetings.

More on this

Lincolnshire's Libraries threatened by Council cuts. Library users told they can use the Central Library in Lincoln. Protests about getting there, lack of parking and difficulty with public transport, and problems for school visits, the elderly and disabled, were dismissed at a meeting: "Where I live everyone has three cars"....

Here is a list of websites and some of the places you can find information and sign petitions:

Helps to send emails or letters with your views on closing your local library to the local press. There are also a number of social network sites:

Save Lincolnshire Libraries.

Save Lincolnshire Libraries. Another petition.

These petitions can also be printed out and posted for people who do not have internet access. The use of computers and WiFi internet access (with tuition available) is one of the essential amenities provided by your local library.

Voices for the Library: 10 things you need to know about library closure. Which notes that Councils have a legal obligation to provide libraries.

The legal obligation of Councils to provide libraries.

Government policy to support library services provided by local authorities and to make sure there is a national collection of published material.

Summary of the The Public Libraries & Museums Act 1964. The Public Libraries and Museums Act 1964

Press Association article

A Government directive.

A Government Report, Tuesday 6th November 2012 - "the Commons Culture, Media and Sport Committee says that some local authorities, under considerable pressure to quickly find cost savings, have drawn up plans without taking proper account of local needs for library services and the variety of options available to provide them, and are therefore in danger of failing in their statutory duty to provide a 'comprehensive and efficient' library service."...

Lincolnshire County Councillors prime example of putting forward cuts which drastically reduce essential amenities but not the rates and taxes we pay for these services. When asked how much that cost (since it is our money they are spending), they replied that they did not know how much it would cost.

Petition to sign to save your local library. And also save 170 trained people from losing their jobs. And that is just the local librarians, and doesn't include those who clean and maintain the library buildings, and look after the books, magazines, DVDs, computers etc. And run the online service.

We face losing an essential facility for the whole community. The library is a lifeline for people who might find themselves isolated whether young mums, single people of all ages, or grandparents who find the friendly help and use of library computers essential to keep in contact with grandchildren and other family members by Skype and email. And take part in the interest groups meeting in the library.

And it is not just those living near the libraries that use them. eg: the library in Birchwood is much more accessible than the Central Library, with 4 bus routes and free ample carparking, and by a large industrial estate, so it is used by more than local people, a large number can make use of it during their lunch break.

Open Evenings.

This is the time of the year when local observatories open to the public, for groups or open evenings. (And we have to help with the visitors).

The BBC Guide to Stars

Useful for children.

Leicester Space Centre is a great place for a day trip with lots of things to do. If you are lucky you can also see the splendid Victorian Steam Sewage Pumping station in action with a museum of historic bathrooms and toilets. The sewage was pumped to Beaumont Leys where the shopping centre now is.


What they are and the next likely to hit us.


All about Mars

Latest updates on Mars and Curiosity.

Be A Martian!. With apps to download.

Mars games for children.

Things to do

Track ESA satellites and see where the ISS is.

Track NASA satellites and see where the ISS is. Solar flares coming our way, asteroids on collision course, satellites passing by, etc. Help find them.

NOTE: You must not, never, look directly through your telescope at the sun. Just move your telescope so you can see the image of the sun on a sheet of white paper or card placed under the eyepiece of the telescope.

Nasa app. download from iTunes for iPhones, iPads etc. Also Android from Google Play. Free.

ESA app. download from iTunes for iPhones etc. Also Android from Google Play. Free.

Satellite Watcher. Download from iTunes. Also Android from Google Play. Free.

Learn more: free

2 free OU courses to download on iPhone, iPad etc.

The sun: our local star

Moons: an introduction

Jodrell Bank podcast (iTunes) free

from iTunes U - Cassiopeia Project - Space - free

from iTunes U - Space - Imperial College London

Taking part in the research

You don't have to be entirely on your own with these projects as you can discuss any odd things you discover.

Explore the Sun

Download the helioviewer and explore the Sun using data from SOHO. This is on the NASA website.


Take part in finding out more about asteroids.

You need to use a telescope for this.

Looking for more particles

Help the Large Hadron Collider, from your own home computer, to search for new fundamental particles.

Search for Aliens - the SETI project.

Find them before they find us.....


Search for Aliens - live.

Galaxy Zoo

You use the same log-in for all these, and more - new research to take part in:

Galaxy Zoo

Sign on and classify galaxies at home in your spare time. It is very relaxing. (Exploring far off massive galaxies in the universe makes your own problems seem a lot smaller.) Some papers already published.

Colliding Galaxies

or cosmic mergers - everyone loves these - what better way to chill out - to see galaxies blowing each other apart. Merger Wars on the cosmic scale.

Moon Zoo

For something nearer home. If you wanted to go to the Moon, you can at least help to map it.

Hunt for Supernovae

Our own galaxy, the Milky Way

Find and identify previously unknown weird and wonderful things in our galaxy.

Solar Storms

Solar scientists need you!
Help them spot explosions on the Sun and track them across space to Earth. Your work will give astronauts an early warning if dangerous solar radiation is headed their way. And you could make a new scientific discovery.

Planet Hunters

Join the planet hunters looking for planets around other stars.

Find more planets on the outer edge of our Solar System.

take part in the New Horizons Ice Hunters Mission to the outer edge of the solar system. New Horizons left Earth in 2006, to look at Pluto and then to other - some bigger - icy bodies in the Kuiper Belt which it will not reach until 2015. Find out about it here.

and a lot more.....

Space websites for children

Fun educational stuff on Nasa site for school children and their parents and teachers (and anyone else). Also has apps. for iPhone and iPad.

astronomy for children, part of an educational website. Has star maps, Jupiter's moons, as well as other science information, games and tests.

ESA - the European space agency has space information and games for school children of all ages.

NASA's space site for school children of all ages with learning games.

Track Santa on Xmas Eve as he leaves the North Pole and delivers the presents - see the places he visited and when he is coming to you.

You can see his preparations before his journey from 1st December.

Note: Santa starts at the Bering Straits and heads west around the world. That way he always arrives at each place some time on Xmas Eve - as the world is turning towards him - and it is less tiring for the reindeer.

Places to go

Not far from Lincoln:

Woolsthorpe, Isaac Newton's childhood home exhibitions and events are held there, and evening lectures etc. Gadgets to play with. Lots here educational for children. Has toilets and cafe.

National Space Centre, Leicester. Always something new there. Extra bonus is the Victorian Sewage Pumping Engine which is free (donations welcome). Not just the history of bathrooms but they have restored the massive steam engines. The engine room is awesome. The sewage was pumped to Beaumont Lea - where the big Tesco now is.

Jodrell Bank

Cambridge. The most interesting thing is the Mullard Radio Astronomy observatory. Look for open days.

Looking at the Night Sky from where you are.

Automatically finds your location and gives you the astronomy data you need to find interesting things in the sky - if not cloudy

And more on what you can see.

There are so many astronomy apps both Apple (from iTunes) or Android (from Google) that what you download depends on what you want to do and what you are interested in, so have not listed them here.

The cosmicelk website is designed and maintained by Heather Hobden.